Grandview Concrete Grooving

Studies and Articles

Educational Articles:

Rough Concrete was Making Cows Lame
A reprint from Hoard's Dairyman Magazine.

The Correct Way to Install non slip concrete flooring in Dairy Barns
A technical research paper by Fred Black.

Before You Pour concrete for that New Barn
Written by Fred Black published in the U.S. dairy magazine "Hoard's Dairyman".

Grooving 15 years Old Concrete - Improved Footing
A reprint from Hoard's Dairyman Magazine.

A Formula for the Installation of Lifetime Non-skid Concrete Alleyways in Flush Barns.
An article pertaining to Flush Barns written by Fred Black for an Agpro conference we were invited to speak at in January 97'. Agpro is an engineering company out of Texas that advises farmers all over the world on building new barns.

Occupying a New Free Stall Barn - Recipe for Success
Written by Fred Black for the Agpro conference.

Flush Barns
Diamond pattern grooving and flushed barns

Hoard's Dairyman: Handy Hint
Two-way diamond cut floors help drainage

Vern's Home Brewed Recipe for Concrete Sealant
Vern's home brewed recipe for coating new concrete so that cows who arrive on a new floor do not get "limestone burn from the high pH(alkaline) concrete".

Research Studies: