Grandview Concrete Grooving


Grandview Concrete Grooving Inc is an established family run business that has been operating for over 30 years. We started out servicing small regions of Ontario and have quickly expanded across Canada, and to the US.

Grandview's mission is to provide innovative solutions to customer's needs in the safe and most efficient way possible. We have collaborated with industry professionals to add new services such as wider grooves, two ways, and scraper system slots that include laser guidance for precision cutting.

We specialize in grooving of concrete floors in dairy barns, but we also service all types of agricultural facilities including dairy, beef, swine, service stockyards, and packing plants. Our services are not limited to grooving and slot cutting; we offer tining and custom cutting for a range of industrial applications as well. Our goal is to deliver proper concrete traction and cutting services to the agriculture industry and beyond for years to come.

Who Are We At GCG?

John Foley – B.Eng, MBA, President

Linda Resendes – Controller

Cole Saunders – Operations & Marketing