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Two way diamond cut grooving provides long lasting, clean, drier and safer floors

GCG Diamond Grooved on Slatted Barn

Slatted floors rely mainly on surface texturing for traction. These floors can become a problem as they get polished from hoof traffic and especially scrappers. Where there is still some surface texture grooving in one direction only will greatly improve traction. Diamond pattern provides the best traction if the slot surface is smooth or scrapped.

GCG Diamon Grooved vs Poured in Place

Grooves are needed for long-term traction. Diamond Pattern Machine Cut Grooves 1/2" wide by 3/8" deep for sand (3/4" wide by 3/8" deep for non-sand), provide the best long-term traction and acts like a drainage bed essentially, tile drained in two directions at 4-inch centers. This is important because keeping cows hooves dry is critical in maintaining healthy hooves. Cut 2 ways, grooving provides a sharp edge for traction, holds the sand in place and the grooving is below the flat floor, which resists wear.