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RR#1 Arthur
Ontario, Canada
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Two way diamond cut grooving is long lasting, clean, drier and safer floors


Concrete grooving paid for itself in the first year. Cows' hooves are staying trimmed longer and the clean up bull is jumping with no cows slipping... Our vet says - It is the best concrete floor for cows he's seen. No slippage, no hoof problems.

Ted and Yvonne Hessels, (Ted's Farm Equipment) Wellandport, Ontario
(New Alley Scraper Free Stall barn for 120 cows, built in 1995) ph: 905.386.6580


Thought we'd send a couple of pictures from the grooving of our cement barn yard. Cows seen to be enjoying the non-slip effect. Thanks again!

Salverda Bros., Londesboro, Ontario ph: 519.527.1929


Grooving our slatted floor barn makes it work a lot better - No splits. Heifers run up and down aisle now. Clean up bull will mount now.

Fritz and Alex Buist, Bruisthaven Farms, Canfield, Ontario ph: 905.774.4763


GCG was pleased to have grooved the heifer barn (milled 3 years previously) for Cavanleck Farms.

Belmont, Ontario


Concrete should be smooth and grooved rather than roughened. Take a look at new, rough concrete. Get down on your bare knees and run the palm of your hand over the surface and you'll see how it must feel to the cow.

(Hoards Art) John McCormack, D.V.M., U of Georgia, U.S.A.


The tractor tread grooving design (diamond shape) both looks looks great and gives great traction for the cows and employees. I haven't had a cow go down since. They haven't been afraid to jum or stand for heats. There's been no problem scraping the floors either. Grooving the floors is the best investment I’ve made in years and has given us great peace of mind.

Jack Broeder, Broeder & Sons, Wolfe Island, Ontario


Within the first two to three months after this grooving was done, I was surprised to see a dramaatic improvement in the heat detection rate in this herd.

(Hoards Art) James A. Jarrett, DVM., Rome, Georgia, U.S.A.


Records indicate that, prior to grooving, the heat detection rate was approzimately 40 to 50 percent. After grooving the rate improved to somewhere between 70 to 75 percent.

(Hoards Art) James A. Jarrett, DVM., Rome, Georgia, U.S.A.


Just looking at it (the grooved floor) the other day with a guy and remarked how good it still is after 15 years.

Ross Crozier, Renfrew, Ontario ph: 613-432-6704


Very happy with grooved slats.

Jerry Bosma, Bainsville, Ontario ph: 613-347-3884


Excellent - has paid for itself.

Bill Crawford, Brampton, Ontario ph: 905-843-1064


Grooving done 10 years ago still working well". "Grandview Concrete Grooving (gcg) does a good job.

Ron Popma, A&A Dairy, Abbotsford, B.C.


Many cows moved like they were walking on eggs. We considered using a scabbler. We decided against it since we were afraid of cracking the concrete at lower depths. Grooving of existing, highly polished concrete in free stall alley, holding areas, walking lanes and cow lots reduces cow injuries and attrition.

New confinement and stanchion barn consturction should utilize grooving.
(Hoards Art) J.L. Albright, D.L. Hill and N.J Moeller, Dept. Of Animal Science, Purdue University


Best Investment.

Alan Winters , Cornwall, Ontario


Haven't shipped any cows due to lameness. Heats are excellent.

Ted De Jong, Rose Gate Dairy Farms, Abbotsford, B.C.


Great job. No cattle slipped all winter . . . Wish I'd done it sooner.

Gerrit Barton, Barton Farms Ltd., Chilliwack, B.C.