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Non-Sand Barns (straw)


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Two way diamond cut grooving provides long lasting, clean, drier and safer floors

More dairy and beef farmers are coming to the conclusion that it is just NOT acceptable for their cattle to be slipping on slatted floors. Slatted floors rely mainly on surface texturing for traction. These floors can become a problem as they get polished from hoof traffic. Where there is still some surface texture grooving in one direction only will greatly improve traction. With long core slats the floor is essentially grooved 1 way and needs diamond cut grooves running between 90 degrees and 45 degrees to the slots, to provide traction in all directions.
Dairy farmers with alley scrapers on slatted floors will find that the polishing action is greatly advanced. On these floors, sharply sloped slatted holding areas, or anywhere the surface of the slat is not providing traction in any direction, cutting grooves in a diamond pattern (2 directions) is necessary. This will provide maximum traction in all direction, even on 8% sloped slatted holding areas!. With the grooves cut in 2 directions the hoof is provided with anti skid protection in ALL directions.
With several years experience in grooving slatted floors GCG confidently states "the 1/2" wide x 3/8" deep grooves cut with diamond blades into the high quality concrete of slatted floors stays square and sharp, providing maximum cow comfort and traction for the life of the floor".
Vern Foley can be reached for further information at 1.888.447.6684 (toll free). Call for references in your area.